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 Under compliance of article 10 from Law 34/2002, July 11th, regarding Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we want to ensure that this page belongs to the entity:


 Who is responsible for the treatment of your data?



Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. CIF: B87448700


Address: Costanilla de los Ángeles 15, 2ª planta

28013 – Madrid


Phone:  +34 91 541 96 92






Entity Registration::


  Company: Registro Mercantil de Madrid , Sección: 8, Page: M618551,  Volume:34388 , Book:1, Page: 180



You may address us by either way.


We reserve the right to modify or adapt the present Privacy Policy anytime. We strongly recommend you to review it and if you have registered and access your account or profile, we will inform you about all modifications.


 If you belong to any of the following groups, check displayed information:







What kind of data is gathered through the Web?


We can work on your IP, OP or browser, and even anonymously handle the length of your visit.


If you share your data with us through the contact form, we will be able to identify and contact you in case of a need.


For what purposes are we using your personal information?


Answering your questions, applications or requests.

Handling requested service, answering or processing your request.

Electronic information related to your requests.

Electronic commerce or information related to social events to which you may have given access permission.

Analysing and improving our products and services on your web site. Commercial strategy improvement.


What is the legitimization for the use of your data?


Acceptance and Consent of the interested party: those cases were you need to fill in a request form and “click” for having it send, implies you would have previously been informed and given consent to its annexed clause, as well as accepting its privacy policy.


All our forms include an * on compulsory fields. If you don’t fill them in, or don’t click on the private policy acceptance checkbox, the information will not be delivered. It usually has the following formulae: “□ I’m over 14 and have read and accept the Private Policy.”




         + CUSTOMERS


What are we doing with your personal information?


We work out a budget and stick into it by following up with you.

Electronic information you receive related to your requests.

Commercial information or about events you requested via electronic means, having your previous consent.

Managing administrative, communication and logistic services made by the person in charge.

Invoicing and tax return.

Ongoing commercial transactions.

Payment and control management.





For what purposes are we treating your personal information?


Electronic information you receive related to your requests.

Commercial information or about events you requested via electronic means, having your previous consent.

Managing administrative, communication and logistic services made by the person in charge.


Ongoing commercial transactions.

Invoicing and tax return.

Payment and control management.


What is the legitimation for the treatment of your personal information?


The legal base is the acceptance of a contractual agreement, otherwise, your formal consent when contacting us or offering us your products by any means.





What are we using your personal information for?


Answering to your questions, applications or requests.

Handling requested service, answering or processing your request.

Connecting with you and creating a community of followers.   



What is the legitimation for the treatment of your personal information?


The acceptance of a contractual relationship on the appropriate social media environment, under its Privacy policy:















         *(Google+ y Youtube)


For how long are we keeping your personal information?


As we have a specific profile, we can only check or deregister your personal information in a restrictive manner. We will deal with it as long as you follow us, being friends or clicking the “like”, “follow” or similar buttons.


Any rectification of your data or information restriction or publications must be done through the configuration of that social media profile.







What are we using your personal data for?


Organising selection processes for hiring employees.

Making job appointments and evaluating your candidature.

If you haven given your consent, we may forward it to collaborative or related enterprises, being the goal helping you find a job.

If you click in the private policy acceptance box, you give us your consent to share your job applications with the entities belonging to your accepted group of enterprises, so they may include you in their recruitment process.


Either way, we inform you that a year after receiving your CV, we will safely destroy it.



What is the legitimation for the treatment of your personal information?


The legal base is your unequivocal consent when forwarding to us your CV.




Do we include personal information from third parties?


No, as a general rule we only deal with the personal information forwarded by the title holder. If you forward information from third parties, you will previously have to inform and request their consent, elsewise we will not be responsible for failing to fulfil this requirement.





How about under aged personal information?


        We don´t deal with data from people under 14 y.o. Please don’t send us your information if you are not old enough. Or, don’t provide information from third parties not being old enough. Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. will be exempted from related responsibilities.



Do we contact electronically?

Only to answer your requests, and if you gave us your contact details.

If we perform commercial communications these would have been previously authorised by you.



Security measures we apply

         You may feel totally safe: we have adopted an excellent back up system to protect your personal data, and have used updated technology and security techniques in our hands to avoid loosing, bad use, non-authorised access or stealing of your Personal Data. 


 Who are we addressing your data to?


                  Your data is not granted to third parties, unless mandatory by the law; i.e.: they will be shared with the Tax Office, banks and financial entities which will be in charge of collecting the fees of the service or the product you purchased. As well as paying to the entities in charge of the execution of this agreement.


                  In case of purchase or payment, if you choose an application, web, platform, financial card, or any other online service, your data will be shared with such platform, or will be handled in its environment, always with maximum security.


                  When we ask them for, web and / or hosting development and maintenance enterprises will have access to our web. They previously would also have signed a privacy contract as strict as ours.


Any data international transfer when using American applications will be adhered to the Privacy Shield agreement, ensuring all enterprises with American software obey the European protection and privacy policy.



What are your rights?


                  Knowing if we are using your data or not.

                  If we are having access to your personal information.

                  Correcting your data when detecting something which might be wrong.

                  Erasing data no longer necessary for the purpose gathered or if you no longer give us permission to use it.

                  Asking to have a limited use of your data in some cases, so we will only keep this information according current regulations.

                  Provide your data, which will be given to you in a structural format, of common use or mechanical reading. If you prefer, we can send them to the new responsible you may have appointed. Only valid in certain cases.

Presenting a complaint to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection or competent control authority, if you think we may not have attended you properly.  

Revoking the consent for any treatment you may have, at any moment, given your consent.

                  In order to keep your data completely updated, we kindly ask you to inform us a.s.a.p.



Do you want a Form for your Rights?


                  We have forms were you can express your rights, ask for them via email or, if you want, you can use the ones made by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or other mediators.

                  These forms must be electronically signed or send together with a copy of your DNI.

                  If someone is representing you, you must attach a copy of his / her DNI, or have him / her sign everything electronically.

The forms may be handed in person, send via mail or email and addressed to the person in charge named at the beginning of this text.



How long does it take us to exercise your rights?


                  It will depend on the right, but a maximum of a month since receipt of your request, and of two months if the topic is complex. If latter, we will notify the need of more time.



Do we handle cookies?


                  If we use non necessary cookies, you may check the cookies policy in the corresponding link from the beginning of our web.



For how long are we keeping your personal data?


Personal data will be kept as long as you are linked to us. Once you dissociate, the personal data will last until legal due time. Including the period of time required by a judge or court, and always under legal prescription timing.

                  Used data will remain on hold until aforesaid legal period expires, if legally they obliged to maintain them, or if there was no legal period, until the interested party requests to have them erased or if mentioned party revokes given consent.

                  We will keep all information and related communications to your purchase or to given service, as long as products and services guarantees last, so we may handle possible complaints.







The access and /or use of this Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. website gives you the condition of USER, accepting, through this access and / or use, the General Conditions of Use here reflected. So said Conditions will be applied regardless of the contractual nature of the obligatory General Conditions.




 gives you access to many services, information, programs or data (further on “the content”) on Internet, belonging to Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. or the right to use that license, and to which the USER may have access to. The USER assumes responsibility coming from the use of the website. Such responsibility extends to the registry needed to access certain services or content. In such registry, the USER will have the responsibility to provide real and legal information. Consequently, a password may be granted to the USER, being responsible and committed to making a legal and confidential use of it. The USER commits to making a good use of the content and services that Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. may offer through its website, always in an illustrative non-limited manner, and not using them for (i) committing illicit activities, or against the good faith and public order; (ii) spreading content or propaganda with a racist, xenophobic, illegal-porno manner, defending terrorism or against the human rights; (iii) damaging the physical and logistic systems of Hostal Gala Madrid S.L., of its providers or third persons, introducing computer viruses in the net or other physical or logical systems that might arise on said before harms; (iv) trying to access, and if so, using email accounts of others, modifying and manipulating their messages. Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. has the right to erase all those comments that might violate people’s rights, become discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, causing offence to youth or infancy, to public security or, under its judgement, aren’t appropriate for publishing. In any case, Hostal Gala Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. will not be responsible for opinions published by users on chats, forums or other participation tools.








Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. by itself or as an assignee, is the owner of all the industrial and intellectual rights of its webpage and its content (in an expository manner, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, colour combinations, design and structure, selection of used material, computer programs used for its working, access and use, etc.), ownership of Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. or of those with the right to use it. All rights reserved according to articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, Intellectual Property Law. Reproduction, distribution and public communications are forbidden, including disposition modality of the totality or part of its web contents, with commercial means, by any other technician, without previous authorization Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. The USER is committed to respect Industrial and Intellectual Property rights owned by Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. Being able to visualize the website elements, print, copy and save them in the hard disk of its computer or any other physical storage system, as long as it is only used for personal and private means. The USER must avoid erasing, altering, eluding or manipulating any protecting dispositive or security device that might be installed in Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. pages.







The Web server may automatically detect the IP address and the name of the domain used by the USER. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it is connected to Internet. All this information is registered in the server, in a previously registered activity file, to obtain statistical measures able to identify the number of printed pages, the number of guests on web services, order of visits, access point, etc.










Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. will never be responsible for harm and prejudices of any nature caused in an expository manner: content errors and omissions, website unavailability, transmission of viruses, programs with malicious or harmful content, despite having taken all possible technological measures to avoid it.











Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. reserves the right to make all modifications considered appropriate for its website, being able to change, delete or ad hosted content and services.; as well as the way they may be showed or located in the website.







If arranged links or hyperlinks to other internet places,

Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. will not, by any means, control such places nor their content. Never will Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. assume responsibility for the content belonging to other web places, nor will it guarantee technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, spaciousness, veracity and constitutionality of any material nor information contained in any of these links or other internet spaces. Equally, the inclusion of these external spaces will not imply any kind of association, fusion nor participation with connected entities.






Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. reserves the right to deny or retire the access to the website and / or offered services without prior notice, being its own request or coming from third parties, to those users failing to carry out current General Conditions of Use. 







Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. will sue for breach of present conditions as well as any bad use of its website, applying all civil actions and criminal prosecution it may bare by right.








Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. may at any time modify here determined conditions, being righteously published as they here appear. Validity of these conditions will depend on their statements and will be valid until modified by others duly published.






This website uses information security techniques generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access and cryptographic mechanisms control procedures, with the main aim of avoiding non authorised access to data.

In order to fulfil this commitment, the user / costumer accepts from the provider obtaining data used for authentication of control access.


All hiring process implying introduction of very personal data (health, ideology, etc.) will always be transferred via protocol of secure communication (Https://…), so that no third parties may have access to the information transferred electronically.





Relationship between Hostal Gala Madrid S.L. and the USER will be regulated by current Spanish policy and any controversy will be subdued to corresponding courts.